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G. Verheugen - argumentai d─Śl 7BP Saugumo mokslini┼│ tyrim┼│ programos

Eil. Nr. Dokument┼│ s─ůra┼ías Data I┼ísaugoti
1 Verheugen makes the case for security research in FP7 2006-02-21
2 Verheugen calls for increased cooperation in European security research 2006-02-10
3 MEPs vote to increase FP6 budget for the last year of the programme 2005-10-31
4 Parliament committee backs call for one billion euro security research budget 2005-04-21
5 FP7 to play essential role in EU security strategy, says Verheugen 2005-02-07
6 Call for proposals for projects and supporting activities in the field of security research(2005-02-07).pdf 2005-02-07
7 Scientists decode bioweapon candidate 2005-01-11
8 Commission outlines next steps for security research 2004-09-10
9 Parliament reveals questions for Commissioner hearings 2004-09-09
10 Study on risk preparedness in network and information security 2004-08-05
11 Huge response to first call for proposals under security research Preparatory Action 2004-07-20
12 Correction to the first call under the Preparatory Action for European security research 2004-06-23
13 First call for proposals under the Preparatory Action for European security research(2004-03-31).pdf 2004-03-31
14 Workshop on sensors for security 2004-03-25
15 Prior information of call for proposals under Preparatory Action on security research 2004-03-23
16 CORDIS launches security research service 2004-03-23
17 Information day on security research Preparatory Action 2004-03-17
18 Prodi highlights need for urgency while welcoming calls for a European Security Research Programme 2004-03-16
19 Assessing the ethical implications of research into the prevention of bioterrorism 2004-02-05
20 Ethical implications of scientific research on bioweapons and prevention of bioterrorism 2004-02-04
21 Commission paves the way for an EU security research programme 2004-02-04
22 Danish scientists develop a unique method for the detection of landmines 2004-01-27
23 Preparatory action will set strategic agenda for security research, says Liikanen 2004-01-07